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I’ve been admiring Field Guide Designs for a while now, so when my hubs surprised me with the “Montana Botanicals” print, I was so very happy! The print was packaged well and arrived unscathed, in perfect condition. Included was a hand written thank you card, as well as, a 15% off coupon for framing at Any one of Field Guide Design’s prints would bring a sentimental value to a person’s life, whether you are an avid cross country skier, beer lover, or jeweler. These prints have such a presence and are so very special.
— Cassie

Every once in a while, the perfect gift comes into existence. My sister, who is, perhaps the most difficult person to shop for, has been pining over the Forest Fire Lookout print ever since it hit Instagram. Needless to say, it was a home run. What she’s really thrilled about is no frame. She gets to choose that on her own and it makes for a more custom gift.
— Lexi

I purchased the Ski Patroller print to give to my dad as a Christmas present. He’s a ski patroller for both downhill and cross country skiing and he was absolutely thrilled to receive it. He immediately began dissecting the photograph and telling us what every item was for, and he was planning on bringing the print up to his patrol room in Michigan to show the fellow ski patrollers his gift. I would absolutely recommend Field Guide Designs to a friend (and in fact have already passed your website along to a few people!)
— Lian

Field Guide designs prints are fabulous! The Boathouse and Fly Fisherman art prints are perfect for our lake house. Mandy was so easy to work with and I received my items quickly. I can’t wait to see what creative and beautiful works of art she comes up with next!
— Sherry

I was perusing all the cool prints on the site but fell in love with this one (The Rockhound). Although it was technically out of print, Mandy was easy to work with and had one shipped out in mere days. It’s even better in person! Thanks!
— Angela
Spruce Park Taxonomy #1 Fine Art Print

I am so thankful that I came across the Field Guide Designs page. I was instantly drawn to the colorful and creatively arranged prints. When I came across ‘The Graphic Designer’ piece I knew immediately that I needed to have it hanging in my office. This print encompassed everything that I love about design and the tools that I use which allow me to create the work that I am so passionate about. I felt like this print represents “me”. But not only was the print incredible, Mandy made the entire process such a great experience. She was super helpful, easy to talk to, and great to work with! I can really tell she is passionate about what she does and puts a lot of care and effort into each print and order placed. Thank you Mandy! I will definitely be buying more prints in the future!
— Leah
The Graphic Designer Art Print by Mandy Mohler of Field Guide Designs

I requested a commissioned print from Mandy after admiring her work for years. My husband (and our two German Shorthairs) live for upland bird hunting, which became the inspiration for the wonderful art she created. I wanted the print to be a surprise gift for my husband, which required some planning and sneaking! Mandy was completely accommodating and such a pleasure to work with. I appreciated that she encouraged me gather the specific pieces I would like to be featured in the art, striking a balance with her professional, extremely tasteful, opinion. The result is more than I could have dreamed. It is personal, featuring my husband’s favorite gear and a beautiful, artistic depiction of everything bird-hunting! If you’re considering a commissioned piece, DO IT. You will treasure it forever. Thanks, Mandy for making this happen. We love our new print, The Bird Hunter.
— Hilary

I LOVE Mandy’s images. I have a large collection of cards and notebooks but recently was able to purchase three large prints. The images look great small but absolutely phenomenal large. They look so great on the walls.
— Kim

It’s me, your biggest fan!
I got almost each one of my family members a piece of your art. Each was unique to their interests and skills and they loved them! Thank you for creating such beautiful and accessible art!
— Roe

Mandy, thanks again for your beautifully crafted prints. I think the texture and tone of my reclaimed wood frames did them justice. They were very well received by two coworkers in the Forest Service. One of whom retired two years ago as our lookout coordinator here on the Bitterroot National Forest.
— Jacob
Forest Fire Lookout Art Print by Mandy Mohler of Field Guide Designs

We loved giving Field Guide Designs gifts for Christmas.
We gave the Golf Pro print to my grandfather who played at least 250 rounds in 2017. He loved it because it reflected something close to his heart without being a gimmicky golf contraption type gift.
We gave my father the National Park cross country skiing print. He’s a history professor, spends lots of time in Glacier (including the chalets), used to work for the railroad and loves skiing. So, the inclusion of the Great Northern Railway decal was super cool.
We gave my brother in-law the Forest Service Cabin print. He’s worked for the Forest Service for many years and is new to the family, so giving him something unique that represents him and shows that we know and care about him was super cool.
We gave my step father a print of plants from nearby, he’s a biologist and loves it.
My wife gave me a photography print, which was a wonderful surprise. I work in graphic design and marketing and play around with digital and 120 medium-format cameras.
We really love your work.
— Tatum

I purchased your Cyclist and Mountaineer prints as gifts. They were very happy and loved your art pieces which I love as well. Thank you for making beautiful art, Mandy!
— Emily

Purchased “The Packer” and love it. I’m working on redecorating a reading nook and it’s going to be among old western books and some horse head book ends to round things out.
Love seeing things through your lens.
— Kellie

I have purchased quite a few prints from Field Guide Designs over the last couple years. Many given as gifts, they are a HUGE hit!! I love that you can find something to match anyone’s personality, hobby, or profession! The most recent was the Fly Tyer print and I LOVE it! I’m a pretty proud customer of Field Guide Designs and tell everyone about Mandy’s work. I can’t wait to add to my own collection and see what she comes up with next!
— Emily

I purchased the Fly Fisherman print for our son for Christmas. We got it framed and he loved it. Just love your work and can’t wait to see what you have in the future.
— Ellette

Mandy’s prints are awesome!! I purchased her Montana Botanicals print for my new apartment. The print came in great packaging and great condition. Mandy was so easy to work with, super communicative, and went above and beyond to give me superior customer service. I’m excited to see what else she pulls together!!
— Natasha

This holiday I gave the Fly Fishing print and my friends (who work in that industry) LOVE IT! In our house we have the Boathouse and Nordic Skier prints. I’ve given several friends a variety of botanical / herbal/ gardener prints as well.
Keep it up little lady! (I’d love to see winter-spring summer-autumn).... be well!
— Keila

I felt lucky to have found your booth at the Handmade Holiday. I was instantly drawn to your photographs because many of them include tools, toys, and accessories that I use(d). See, I’ve been lucky enough to be a wildland firefighter for sixteen insane seasons. When I shop for gifts for my firefighter friends, its always been hard to find something with that right touch. In the past I’ve purchased “the Firefighter” greeting cards, on this particular night I purchased “the Packer” journal. Not too often you can find something for the Packer in your life! And would I recommend Field Guide Designs to anyone? Yes, every chance I get.
— Jess

I purchased the ping pong and tennis prints. My plan is to one day frame them and hang them in the game room of our future home (lofty dreams but art helps people dream, ya know). I can picture my future kids playing games with their friends there and the bright prints adding color to the room. My boyfriend also purchased prints because he saw some that depicted his interests. He got the golf print and the skeet shooting one, and he thinks they are so cool! I agree with him.
— Alex

We purchased two different Ranger Station prints as Christmas gifts for our firefighter son. He loved them! (We loved them, too.)
— Pat

I gifted the cross country ski print to my husband. He loves it and it is hanging in his office.
— Aericka

I purchased a notebook with the Fly Fisherman on the cover. I gifted it to my dad for his birthday and he loved it! The blank pages are perfect because he loves to sketch. Can’t wait to see what he draws in your notebook!
— Jessica

I bought the Ranger Station #1 print for my dad as a gift. He lives in southern Utah now after living in Montana 50 of his 60+years of being alive. I am a 3rd generation Montanan and I can’t help but love the hard work he instilled in me and my siblings growing up. The gloves and the tools in that photo are just perfect, I’m so excited to gift it to him! Your art work would looking fascinating in ANY home wanting to obtain a naturesque vibe.
— Lexi

I bought a handful of your cards- My cousin absolutely loved her cards- she thought they were very fun and unique (as did my sister, who I showed the cards to before I wrapped them!)
My boyfriend, a big fly fisherman, was very into his card as well. We both liked all of the outdoor activities you depicted- which is why I bought the climbing card- I intend to frame it and put it in my office.
Thanks, and I intend to buy more of your work in the future!
— Lauren

I purchased a Ranger Station notebook for a friend, she loves to journal and the outdoors so this was the perfect piece to gift her!
— Julianna

I got the Ping Pong print for my parents in law, who love ping pong. They thought it was so cool! What a great Christmas gift.
— Stephanie

I recently purchased four journals/sketchbooks as stocking stuffers for my family members. They were a huge hit! What I loved the most was picking out one that suited each person’s personality. For example, tennis journal for my mother-in-law, scuba theme for my brother-in-law, gardening journal for my sister-in-law who is a farmer, cooking theme for my other sister-in-law who fancies herself a gourmet chef. I will definitely recommend Field Guide Designs to others!
— Liz

Field Guide Designs themed taxonomies are so awesome you’ll want to collect them all. I especially love the vintage ski and fly fishing taxonomies, but they all make great gifts for that type A personality or outdoor enthusiast.
— Allison

I saw your art at the Made Fair two or three years ago and have had my eye on it since then. This year I bit the bullet and got a print for a hip family member, and one for me, too. I gravitate towards pattern in art, so the shapes are what I like about your work — also the vibrancy of the colors. I really dig that ice blue and red. I follow you on Instagram so I can keep an eye on new stuff!
— Kate

To leave a review for art your purchased or received as a gift, please fill out the form below.


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